Harry Shum

Dr Harry Shum

Executive Vice President

Technology transformation: #intelligence

The Internet has transformed our society and the global economy. But that’s only the beginning. The massive reservoir of data that the Internet has created along with advances in machine learning and cloud computing will drive the next wave of technology innovation. Dr Harry Shum, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President, Technology and Research Division, will discuss how a new wave of computer intelligence will fundamentally change business, government, and the society of the future.

Nick Yang

Mr Herbert Chia

Venture Partner of Sequoia Capital China
Deputy Head, Big Data Standards Work Group, China Electronics Standardization Institute

What big changes will occur to the future of business? With the development of big data in recent years, a fair amount of big data has already been accumulated. But up until now, few companies have been able to leverage big data as a new type of raw material. The proper use of big data is not just a matter of technology change, but an integration of new data technologies, new business models and new management. I call this data engine.

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